Monday to Friday

Friends Eating Dinner

Curate Your Own Menu

Whether hosting friends and family or have a get-together, you can now pick and choose from a host of delectable Bengali dishes to best suit your cravings and let Babo do the rest. 

A meal for 2 or 20, Babo's Home Kitchen is all set to cook up a storm and leave you free to entertain your loved ones.

Below is a list of our offerings select your favourites or give us a call and we will help you curate a menu suited to your palate. 

  • Koraishutir Kochuri (Peas Kachori) 

  • Steamed Rice

  • Ghee Bhaat

  • Veg Pulao

  • Fish Pulao

  • Prawn Pulao (Chingri Macher Pulao)

  • Pandal Khichuri

  • Luchi 

  • Beguni 

  • Hing diye dum aloo

  • Hing Aloo

  • Aloor Dum (Dum Aloo)

  • Aloo Posto

  • Fish in a Barrel

  • Mutton Chop 

  • Jhinge Posto

  • Chorchori

  • Mutter Paneer (Bengali Style)

  • Narikel Cholar Dal

  • Narikel Moong Dal

  • Panch Mishali Dal

  • Katla Kalia

  • Egg Posto

  • Shorshe Posto Bhetki 

  • Fish Sarse Posto Pabda 

  • Fish Rohu Kalia 

  • Fish Rohu Sarse 

  • Kolkata Bhetki Fish Fry 

  • Chingri (Prawn) Jhaal

  • Chingri (Prawn) Maacher Ghonto

  • Chingri (Prawn) Maacher Chorchori

  • Chicken Curry / Kosha 

  • Prawn Malai Curry

  • Kosha Mangsho (Mutton Curry) 

  • Tomato Chaatni

  • Khejur-er Chatney

  • Aam-er Chatney (seasonal)

  • Kheer Kadam 

  • Sandesh 

  • Gobindobhog Payesh

  • Rosogolla