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Our Distinct Identity

Babo’s Home Kitchen in the Capital is the brainchild of obsessive foodie sometime journalist and advertising professional Dipayan Mazumdar, loving known as Babo. Babo's Home Kitchen is a humble home kitchen born out of pure love and passion for cooking for his daughter, friends and family. Babo creates exquisite and unique Bengali dishes with secret recipes that have been passed down from generations, the traditions he picked up from his mother and grandmother. He blends ancestral recipes with his love and passion for cooking. He follows their traditional recipes in order to ensure the original taste and flavor, and adds his own flavor to curate a wholesome Bengali food experience. On offer are  'Kosha Mangsho' Bengal’s very own slow-cooked bhuna gosht'Galda Chingri Malai Curry' (large river prawn) cutlets, chops and the famous 'Kolkata Mutton Biryani'. The menu also has exotic delectable delicacies like 'Babo's Fish Biriyani,' 'Crab Curry,' 'Korieshutir Kochuri,' 'Hing Aloor Dum' for which most loyal patrons place repeat orders.

’Babo’ undertakes intensive research not only to source the freshest ingredients but also to come up with new spice combos. Babo is very particular about procuring the produce locally to ensure freshness, to serve authentic Bengali dishes. In recent months Babo has been receiving raving reviews in The Times of India, ANI, Dainik Bhaskar & The Hindu by none other than renowned food critics Padmashri Pushpesh Pant & Rahul Verma besides others in Google.  


Babo's Home Kitchen, unlike major restaurants and delivery chains, prides itself on quality! Everything leaving Babo's home kitchen is made to order with utmost focus on flavor and wholesome goodness, leaving you craving for more. Taking on your worries of cooking and fulfilling your cravings Babo is thrilled to share his food with all of you.


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